AllogenRx Dental Solutions

Redefining Excellence in Dental Tissue Products

Navigating the intricacies of dental care requires not just expertise, but also specialized tools and products. AllogenRx, with its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, has curated a range of dental tissue products that are both advanced and attuned to the specific needs of dental care.

Our Dental Offerings:

Each dental tissue product from AllogenRx is a testament to precision engineering and clinical expertise. From facilitating seamless bone grafts to enhancing post-surgical recovery, our products are designed to be an integral part of successful dental procedures.

Key Characteristics & Properties


Our dental products are crafted to ensure optimal bio-compatibility, promoting natural integration with the patient’s anatomy and reducing chances of rejection.

Sterility Assured

Rigorous sterilization processes guarantee that every product is free from contaminants, ensuring patient safety.

Structural Integrity

The structural design of our products ensures they provide robust support where needed, especially crucial in procedures like bone grafting.

Optimized Porosity

Our dental tissue products feature optimized porosity, promoting cell migration, vascularization, and faster healing.

Extended Shelf Life

Advanced processing techniques ensure that our products have an extended shelf life without compromising on quality.

Driven by Clinical Evidence:

AllogenRx’s dental products are backed by comprehensive clinical evidence. Rigorous testing ensures that each product is not only effective but also consistently delivers on its promise.

Collaborative Advancement

Our engagement with dental specialists from around the globe drives our product innovation. This collaboration ensures our offerings address real-world challenges and remain at the forefront of dental care.

AllogenRx’s dental tissue products encapsulate our commitment to excellence, innovation, and patient care. With characteristics that set them apart, they are designed to be the trusted choice for dental professionals worldwide.


OSTEOpure™ Micro

Advanced Bone Support Solutions

OSTEOmycin™ T Micro

Advanced Bone Void-Filling Solutions

bone repair and infections

OSTEOmycin™ V Micro

Precision Bone Support with Vancomycin Integration

OSTEOmycin® T800 Micro

Precision Bone Support for Multi-Resistant Challenges