Aesthetics Biomedical Innovation

Aesthetics Biomedical®

Development and distribution of novel aesthetic devices, products, and services in the global market

Vitality Concepts International AG

Collagenizing has been designed to basically enhance the natural characteristic of the individual


Extraction, processing and distribution of human tissue

Idea ilac

Medical device company focused on bringing biomaterial based products to the orthopedic and spinal surgery markets

Allogen RX

Allogen RX excel in conception, manufacture and supply of human tissue derived products


Medical devices company focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative bioactive gels

GP Dermal

GP DERMAL SOLUTION is an avant-garde company in the cosmetic and personal well-being sector

BIBAWO Medical Services

BIBAWO Medical

Medical device company mainly focusing on healthcare and skin care

Horizon Lab Company

HLC designs highly innovative products for a better quality of life for patients, offering the medical class new therapeutic treatment solutions

Lumisque Skincare

Lumisque Skincare presents CO2Lift, a medical grade brand of cosmeseuticals that utilizes the powerful benefits of Carbon Dioxide

Tissue cells cluster


Medigraft™ is a disposable procedural kit designed for the mechanical processing and disaggregation of a biological tissue sampling to be used in the field of regenerative medicine and surgery

SAPPARI HealthCare Company

Effective products, based on natural raw materials combined with new scientific methodology

Exclusive Partners

Global Regenerative Group

Global Regenerative Group is a fast-growing company, collaborating with specialists and clinics around the world, with the primary purpose of delivering innovative medical care to the patient

Medical Protection

Medical Protection is a global sourcing company, specialized in PPE (personal protective equipment)