Idea ilaç

Unique Bioglass Particles

Idea ilaç is a privately-held medical device company focused on bringing biomaterial based products to the orthopedic and spinal surgery markets. Idea BIOSPHERE Technology represents an innovative approach to advancing bone graft technology, and improving bone healing and patient outcomes. 


Bone Graft BioMold Putty - Breakthrough product in bone healing and regeneration, made with bioactive glass

Biomold Putty

Bone graft composed of bioactive glass

Bioactive glass particles with optimized, bimodal size range, featuring a unique spherical shape for enhanced bone regeneration and advanced materials technology

Biocrunch Granules

The granules are a bone cavity filler intended for the resolution of bone infections

Synthetic bone graft substitute

Biomold Dental Putty

Non- settable completely synthetic bone graft substitute