extraction, processing and distribution of human tissue

The Telos company started with a product based on the idea and development of an operating table from 1943 for exact repositioning after fractures of long tubular bones for intramedullary stabilization. In addition to other successful products such as the “Gehaltenen Aufnahme”, which is used for clearly documented diagnostics of injuries to the ligaments of the knee and ankle, and the “KoSa High Strength Band” for prosthetic fittings or augmentation of torn cruciate ligaments, the “Marburg Bone Bank System” was launched in 1993 developed for thermal processing of human femoral heads. The “Marburg Bone Bank System” for the thermal disinfection of allogeneic femoral heads from living donors is an integral part of every larger orthopedic facility in Germany. And enables the bone material obtained from primary total hip endoprostheses to be freed from any bacterial or viral contamination. Thus, the allogeneic bone material can be used in other patients without risk. In order to be able to provide the operator of a local bone bank with a complete solution, we also offer cartilage cutters and bone mills from third-party manufacturers whose outstanding properties we have tested.
Since 2007, the focus of the Telos company has been on medicinal products of human origin, which are obtained exclusively from living donors from hospitals in Europe. Due to the strict criteria when selecting donor tissues, the Telos company can guarantee quality at the highest level.


Marburg BoneBank

For thermal disinfection of femoral head allografts from living donors