OSTEOmycin® T Micro

Advanced Bone Void-Filling Solutions

OSTEOmycin T Micro stands at the forefront of bone support and therapeutic technology. This groundbreaking product has been meticulously developed to address specific challenges in the realm of bone health, ensuring optimal patient outcomes and superior clinical efficacy.

Key Features

  • Tobramycin Sensitivity

Tailored for patients of concern or cases where the identified organism demonstrates sensitivity to Tobramycin, OSTEOmycin T Micro offers a targeted approach to bone health management.

  • Bone Void-Filling Excellence

Beyond its therapeutic benefits, OSTEOmycin T Micro is masterfully designed for bone void-filling applications. Its composition ensures a robust and natural-feeling structure, seamlessly integrating with existing bone and promoting optimal recovery.

  • Versatile Applications

With a focus on diverse medical needs, OSTEOmycin T Micro is suitable for applications ranging from dental & maxillo-facial treatments to addressing challenges in metacarpals and metatarsals. It’s also particularly effective for diabetic foot ulcers accompanied by bone infections.

Optimized Patient Outcomes

Relying on its unique properties and design, OSTEOmycin T Micro aims to reduce recovery times, enhance bone stability, and minimize potential post-operative complications. This commitment to excellence ensures that medical professionals can trust OSTEOmycin T Micro to deliver consistent and outstanding results.

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