OSTEOmycin® V Micro

Precision Bone Support with Vancomycin Integration

The OSTEOmycin V Micro Cancellous Chips are a breakthrough in bone support technology, offering both structural integrity and therapeutic advantages. These chips are specially engineered for precise applications, ensuring maximum efficacy and patient outcomes.

Key Features

  • Optimal Size for Precision

With sizes ranging from 0.25-1.5 mm, OSTEOmycin V Micro Cancellous Chips are tailored to fit perfectly into intricate bone voids, providing a natural and seamless fit.

  • Integrated with Vancomycin

OSTEOmycin V Micro is not just about structural support. By integrating with Vancomycin, a powerful antibiotic, it offers dual benefits. While providing the bone support necessary for recovery, it also ensures a reduced risk of infections, making it ideal for sensitive or high-risk procedures.

  • Bone Void-Filling Excellence

The micro cancellous chips are meticulously designed for bone void-filling applications. Their unique composition guarantees a robust and natural-feeling structure, promoting optimal bone integration and patient recovery.

bone repair and infections


Whether you’re dealing with dental & maxillo-facial challenges, intricate surgeries, or any procedure where precision bone support is paramount, OSTEOmycin V Micro Cancellous Chips are the go-to solution for medical professionals seeking the best in both structural and therapeutic bone support.

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