Lumisque Skincare

Lumisque Skincare presents CO2Lift, a medical grade brand of cosmeseuticals that utilizes the powerful benefits of Carbon Dioxide to lift, tighten and regenerate the skin. The line features two transdermal carboxy products: CO2Lift Pro, a facial and body treatment mask which is an advanced super-hydrating treatment that delivers carbon dioxide to the skin. This treatment helps solve aging skin problems without pain nor downtime. This treatment can be used as a stand alone or in combination with lasers, micro-needling or chemical peels; and a vaginal mask, and CO2LiftV, a painless, effective treatment that with no -down time addresses vaginal issues associated with aging and child bearing. CO2LiftV helps to lessen the symptoms which are due to inadequate lubrication and lowered estrogen levels.



Carboxy gel treatment delivers powerful skin regeneration with transdermal, non-invasive CO2


Carboxytherapy vaginal rejuvenation treatment kit addresses vaginal issues due to childbirth, aging and stress

CO2Lift Carboxy Mousse - Rejuvenate and refine skin texture with this unique carboxytherapy moisturizer


Boosts circulation for soft, hydrated skin