OSTEOpure® Micro Cancellous Chips

Advanced Bone Support Solutions

OSTEOpure® Cancellous Chips represent the pinnacle of bone support technology. Expertly designed for diverse medical applications, these chips are tailored to offer unparalleled support in areas such as Shoulder Dental & Maxillofacial, Hip, Knee, Diabetic Foot, Trauma, and Spine.

Key Features

  • Precision Bone Void-Filling 

OSTEOpure® chips are meticulously crafted to fill bone voids, ensuring a robust, durable, and natural-feeling structure that seamlessly integrates with the patient’s anatomy.

  • Variety to Suit Every Need

With a range of sizes from 1.5-10 mm and multiple volume options, OSTEOpure® provides the flexibility and precision required by medical professionals to address diverse bone support challenges.

  • Optimized Patient Outcomes

The superior design and material composition of OSTEOpure® chips aim to optimize patient recovery times, enhance stability, and reduce post-operative complications.


Whether it’s a complex revision surgery in the hip or knee, managing the challenges of a diabetic foot, or addressing trauma in the spine, OSTEOpure® Cancellous Chips offer the reliability and performance that medical professionals trust.

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