AllogenRx Orthopaedic Portfolio

A Comprehensive Response to Bone Infection Challenges

Bone infections, with their intricate complexities, present daunting challenges to both patients and medical professionals. At AllogenRx, we’ve committed ourselves to develop innovative solutions that not only address these challenges but also set new benchmarks in orthopaedic care.

The Challenge of Bone Infection

Bone infections, or osteomyelitis, are notoriously difficult to treat. They can lead to severe complications, prolonged hospital stays, and can dramatically impact a patient’s quality of life. Traditional treatments often require extended antibiotic regimens, which can have side effects and may not always penetrate the bone effectively. This is where our orthopaedic portfolio, and particularly OSTEOmycin, plays a pivotal role.


Patient-Centric Innovation

To develop products that prioritize patient recovery and well-being.

Clinical Excellence

To offer solutions that are backed by rigorous research and clinical evidence.

Collaborative Growth

Engage with global experts to continuously refine and enhance our offerings.

Key Characteristics


Products tailored to address a wide range of bone infections, from mild to severe.

Immediate Application

Sterile packed products ensuring safety and purity.

Mechanical Integrity

Products designed to provide optimal mechanical support, facilitating faster recovery.

Key Properties


Ensuring seamless integration with the patient’s anatomy.

Optimal Porosity

Promoting cell migration, vascularization, and faster healing.

Therapeutic Action

Especially with OSTEOmycin, the integration of antibiotics provides a dual-action of structural support and targeted therapeutic intervention.

The Importance of OSTEOmycin

OSTEOmycin stands as a beacon in our fight against bone infections. Its unique design allows it to deliver antibiotics directly to the site of infection, ensuring effective treatment while also providing the necessary structural support. This dual-action makes OSTEOmycin an invaluable tool in the arsenal of orthopaedic solutions, bridging the gap between therapeutic action and structural integrity.

AllogenRx’s orthopaedic portfolio represents more than just products; it embodies our vision of a world where bone infections can be treated with precision, efficacy, and care. With OSTEOmycin leading the way, we’re not just addressing the challenges of today but paving the way for a healthier tomorrow.


Osteopure - Bone void fillers


Cancellous bone chips for bone void filling. Can provide robust structure

Osteomycin T - Intra - operative bone chip treatment with Tobramycin

OSTEOmycin™ T

Cancellous bone chips impregnated with 400mg Tobramycin per 10cc bone graft.

Osteomycin v - Cancellous bone chips impregnated with 1000mg Vancomycin

OSTEOmycin™ V

Cancellous bone chips impregnated with 1000mg Vancomycin per 10cc bone graft

OSTEOmycin® T800

OSTEOmycin T800 emerges as an innovative solution In the realm of orthopaedic care