OSTEOmycin® V

Specialized Bone Void-Filling Solution with Vancomycin Integration

In the ever-evolving domain of orthopaedic care, the challenges of treating bone voids demand innovative and precise solutions. OSTEOmycin V emerges as a beacon in this realm, offering a specialized approach that combines structural support with the therapeutic benefits of Vancomycin.

Key Features

  • Targeted Application

OSTEOmycin V is particularly designed for patients of concern or cases where the identified organism exhibits sensitivity to Vancomycin. This ensures a targeted and effective treatment approach.

  • Bone Void-Filling Excellence

OSTEOmycin V is not just about therapeutic action. Its meticulous design ensures that bone voids are filled seamlessly, providing a robust and natural-feeling structure.

  • Integrated with Vancomycin

The infusion of Vancomycin in OSTEOmycin V offers dual benefits. While it provides the structural support essential for bone recovery, its therapeutic properties ensure a reduced risk of infections.

Osteomycin v - Cancellous bone chips impregnated with 1000mg Vancomycin


OSTEOmycin V is tailored for a range of clinical scenarios:

  • Revision Surgery

In complex procedures that demand revisions, OSTEOmycin V ensures structural integrity and effective treatment.

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers 

For diabetic foot ulcers, OSTEOmycin V not only offers structural support but also therapeutic action, reducing complications and promoting healing.

  • Trauma Surgery 

In trauma scenarios, where rapid and effective response is paramount, OSTEOmycin V stands as the preferred choice for both structural and therapeutic needs.

The Significance of OSTEOmycin V

Bone voids, if not addressed effectively, can lead to complications and prolonged recovery times. OSTEOmycin V, with its dual-action of bone void-filling and therapeutic intervention, addresses this challenge head-on. Its integration with Vancomycin ensures that while the bone heals, potential infections are kept at bay, making it a vital solution in the orthopaedic toolkit.

With OSTEOmycin V, medical professionals are equipped with a solution that promises both structural support and therapeutic excellence. Dive into the world of advanced orthopaedic care with OSTEOmycin V and experience a solution designed for superior patient outcomes.

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