OSTEOmycin® T Cancellous Chips

Advanced Bone Void-Filling Solutions

OSTEOmycin® T represents the culmination of cutting-edge research and clinical expertise, offering a specialized solution for bone void-filling challenges. Designed with precision, these Cancellous Chips are formulated to provide both structural support and therapeutic benefits, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Key Features

  • Precision Engineered

 OSTEOmycin® T Cancellous Chips, available in sizes of 1.5-10 mm, are crafted to ensure perfect filling of bone voids, providing a natural and integrated structure.

  • Tobramycin Infusion

Each variant of OSTEOmycin® T is infused with Tobramycin, offering dual benefits. While providing the essential bone support required for recovery, it also delivers targeted therapeutic action, addressing potential infections.

  • Diverse Volume Offerings

Tailored to fit varied clinical requirements, OSTEOmycin® T is available in volumes of 10cc (with 0.4g Tobramycin) and 30cc (with 1.2g Tobramycin), ensuring flexibility in application.

Osteomycin T - Intra - operative bone chip treatment with Tobramycin


OSTEOmycin® T has garnered acclaim across diverse medical scenarios:

  • Revision Shoulder Surgeries

Offering structural integrity and therapeutic action, it ensures successful outcomes in complex procedures.

  • Dental & Maxillofacial

In dental and maxillofacial procedures, OSTEOmycin® T promises seamless integration and faster recovery.

The Importance of OSTEOmycin® T

In the evolving landscape of orthopaedic care, bone infections pose significant challenges. OSTEOmycin® T, with its combination of structural support and Tobramycin infusion, addresses this challenge head-on. It not only facilitates bone healing but also mitigates the risk of infections, making it a vital tool in the orthopaedic arsenal.

OSTEOmycin® T Cancellous Chips, with their unique design and clinical efficacy, are setting new standards in bone void-filling solutions. Dive into the world of advanced orthopaedic care with OSTEOmycin® T and discover a solution crafted for excellence.

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