Classic, but Not Basic. Revolutionizing Joint Care Through Innovative Single-Injection Technology.

TrioMax is a cutting-edge intra-articular gel that offers a comprehensive solution for managing osteoarthritis-related joint pain and limited mobility. This next-generation product brings you the culmination of advanced scientific research and innovation, designed to provide both immediate relief and long-term therapeutic benefits. At the heart of TrioMax are four key ingredients—Glycine, L-proline, N-Acetylglucosamine, and Long-Acting Hyaluronic Acid—that work in synergy to redefine what you can expect from joint care.

The Power of Four: Key Ingredients


An amino acid that helps in the synthesis of collagen, a vital component of cartilage.


Essential for collagen stability, contributing to the flexibility and integrity of cartilage.


A highly purified polysaccharide that supports cartilage repair and provides chondroprotective action.

Long-Acting Hyaluronic Acid

Acts as a lubricant and shock absorber, enhancing the viscoelastic properties of the joint fluid.

Potential of N-Acetylglucosamine

N-Acetylglucosamine has a unique advantage due to its low molecular weight (16-18 kDa), which permits it to diffuse freely through the articular cartilage tissue. As articular cartilage has a pore diameter of 11-14nm, N-Acetylglucosamine stands out as an optimal candidate for cartilage repair, offering substantial chondroprotective action.

Why TrioMax is the Right Choice?

Long-Term Protection

Molecular structure and benefits of N-Acetylglucosamine in cartilage repair

Extended Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Molecular structure and benefits of N-Acetylglucosamine in cartilage repair

Enhanced Flexibility

Infographic of Glycine, L-proline, N-Acetylglucosamine, and Long-Acting Hyaluronic Acid in TrioMax
TrioMax Joint Care - a intra-articular gel for osteoarthritis management

Biological Mechanisms:

  • Anti-inflammatory action: Reduces swelling and alleviates joint discomfort.
  • Restoration of Hyaluronate: Stimulates the body’s own production mechanisms.
  • Cartilage Health: Increases biosynthesis of cartilage and minimizes its degradation.
  • Chondrocyte Welfare: Supports cell proliferation and reduces apoptosis.

Rheological Mechanisms

Viscosity: Rapidly improves the thickness of synovial fluid, facilitating smooth joint movement. Elasticity: Enhances the elastic properties of synovial fluid, improving shock absorption in the joint area.

How to Use

This product is intended solely for intra-articular injections and should be administered by certified healthcare providers.

Depending on the joint’s size, a dose of 2-3 ml may be intra-articularly injected.

TrioMax is a specialized medical treatment. It should be administered only by qualified healthcare professionals to ensure the utmost safety and efficacy.

Unlock the Future of Joint Health with TrioMax

Disclaimer: Information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment. Always seek medical advice for any health concerns.

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