The Novel, Single-Injection Revolution in Intra-Articular Therapeutics


Discover the future of viscosupplementation with Chondroplus. An advanced generation intra-articular gel meticulously engineered to transform expectations from non-animal derived, high molecular weight, long-acting hyaluronic acid (HA) therapies.

The fundamental underpinning of Chondroplus’s innovative formulation is the inclusion of collagen tripeptide (Ctp). This potent bioactive agent exerts regenerative effects by fostering proliferation of chondrocytes and fibroblast-like cells. As well catalyzing cartilage matrix repair. It orchestrates the control of chondrocyte gene expressions and stimulates fibroblast proliferation. Thus facilitating the synthesis of collagen and promoting overall joint health.

Ctp Component: Slick Passage Through Articular Cartilage Pores

Our refined Ctp component is a highly purified synthetic tripeptide fraction characterized by low molecular weight, within the 16-18 kDa range. This strategic formulation allows for effective diffusion through the minute pores in the superficial zone of articular cartilage. All that thanks to the molecular weight constraints of these channels. Bearing the Gly-Xaa-Yaa sequences, this non-antigenic, low molecular weight compound limits the risk of eliciting an immune response while maintaining its therapeutic potency.

Carboxyl Connections: Chondroplus's Edge in Gel Tech

Chondroplus adopts a cutting-edge patented technology that employs microwaves to link carboxyl groups—a process that demands an abundant NH group presence in the gel, a requirement met by the Ctp. This intricate, yet physical modification results in a product that not only boasts of enhanced stability and prolonged intra-articular residence time but also exhibits superior viscoelastic properties.

Chondroplus: Paving the Future of Joint Healthcare!

Step into the future of joint healthcare with Chondroplus, the epitome of advanced biomedical engineering and clinical efficacy, setting the pace for next-level viscosupplementation.

IA injection of hyaluronic acid (HA) into OA joints has the potential to restore the rheological properties of the synovial fluid. Promote the endogenous synthesis of a higher molecular weight, and more functional HA. This can subsequently improve mobility and articular function while decreasing pain.

With the larger the molecule of HA having a higher affinity for HA receptors, the analgesic effects of HA are achieved by modifying the activity of mechanosensory channels.

Within the normal adult knee, there is ~2 mL of synovial fluid, and HA is present in the articular fluid at a concentration of about 20 mg/mL. Injection of knees with 20 mg/mL HA has shown to inhibit apoptosis in chondrocytes.

Chondroplus sets itself apart through its unique formulation, delivering a single injection treatment. It uses LAH technology to increase residence time in the joint and has the longest half-life of any HA. It is also the only gel that contains collagen tripeptide.

Chondroplus offers one-year pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. Effectively reducing pain perception, alleviating functional impairment, and decreasing synovial fluid Osteopontin (OPN) levels in patients with knee OA. The injection containing long-acting HA keeps the OPN level low for 12 months, showcasing its prolonged anti-inflammatory effects.

Chondroplus isn’t just ideal for viscosupplementation. It also promotes soft tissue healing, cartilage regeneration, and can be used safely in the treatment of osteoarthritis. With Chondroplus, it’s one shot, one year of comfort.

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