Advanced osteoarthritis pain relief

CHONDRO is a solution that contains a natural substance called hyaluronate. Hyaluronate is normally found in the fluid as a result lubricates and cushions your knee joint. It is injected into your knee to relieve pain due to osteoarthritis.

Why Chondro?

  • Obviously it provide long-lasting pain relief for up to 6 months
  • Also can be safely used for up to 30 months
  • Overall it is a safe choice
Chondro - Advanced osteoarthritis pain relief

How It Works?

These injections work differently than oral pain medications.

The solution does not pass through your bloodstream to work. Because it is injected directly into your knee, it does not cause stomach bleeding problems like some pain medications.

  • It does not interfere with any known medicines you may be taking for osteoarthritis or other conditions
  • It has been shown to be safe for repeat treatment in a 30-month study
  • Please consult with your doctor to see if the treatment is right for

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