Viscos H80

The Apex of Hyaluronic Acid Medical Solutions

Viscos H80 represents not just a product, but a commitment—a commitment to unparalleled excellence, efficacy, and patient care. It stands as the crown jewel of the Viscos lineup.

Core Composition

Continuing the tradition, Viscos H80 offers a linear, non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid solution. This ensures the highest levels of biocompatibility and performance.

Viscos H 80 - Single injection joint therapy

Unique Features

  • Peak Molecular Weight

Viscos H80 is designed for the pinnacle of medical applications. Its peak molecular weight ensures unmatched durability and superior therapeutic outcomes.

  • 2% Concentration

Meticulously formulated, Viscos H80 delivers the therapeutic benefits of hyaluronic acid without compromising safety.


Viscos H80, with its advanced formulation, is tailored for the most challenging and demanding medical scenarios. When the situation demands the best, Viscos H80 is the go-to solution.

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