Mihail Blagoev, a stalwart in the world of entrepreneurship, is the mind behind a multitude of successful ventures across a variety of sectors. Born in Bulgaria, his passion for business started in his youth and became his lifelong pursuit. The embodiment of relentless ambition, unyielding drive, and relentless perseverance, Mihail is a figure of transformation and progress in the business world.

Growing up in a family engaged in various sectors like Oil and Petroleum Trading, Agriculture, and Construction. Mihail’s foundational experiences instilled in him a deep understanding of diverse businesses. These experiences, combined with his formal education in Business Administration and Finance, equipped him with a distinct perspective and a wealth of business acumen.

In 2009, Mihail’s career trajectory veered into the medical device market. He joined an American medical device company to oversee its sales and marketing operations outside the U.S. This foray into the medical industry was more than just a professional transition. It was the inception of a calling that appealed to his desire to have a direct, positive impact on people’s lives. His unyielding dedication, combined with his passion for healthcare and a deep understanding of global markets, put him on the path of medical entrepreneurship.

One of Mihail’s major successes is the transformation of a small medical device company, Global OrthoBiologic Inc.. He transformed it into a global conglomerate now known as the Global Regenerative Group Inc. (GRG). Mihail’s strategic foresight, innovation, and leadership turned GRG into a multifaceted entity. Encompassing four subsidiaries that continue to thrive under his stewardship: 

  1. The Global Regenerative Academy is an educational platform dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of regenerative medicine worldwide. Bringing together experts and learners in the field.
  2. Global Regenerative Trade focuses on the global distribution of cutting-edge medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Striving to make advanced medical solutions accessible to everyone.
  3. Global Regenerative Care specializes in delivering high-quality patient care. Emphasizing personalized treatment plans and cutting-edge regenerative medicine therapies.
  4. Global Regenerative Finance, the financial arm of GRG, handles investments, assets, and funding for GRG’s multifarious projects.

Driven by his firm belief in recognizing the bigger picture and capitalizing on opportunities to make people’s lives better, Mihail continued his entrepreneurial journey, identifying and investing in early-stage companies. His discerning eye for potential and strategic investment acumen led to many successful endeavors. Further solidifying his position as an influential entrepreneur.

As 2020 unfurled, Mihail seized another significant opportunity. This time with Orthoist, a collective of esteemed medical professionals based in Turkey. As the Business Development Manager, Mihail worked closely with physicians and allied health workers. Ensuring safe and rapid recovery of patients with musculoskeletal disorders. Mihail’s efforts significantly contributed to Orthoist’s mission to provide comprehensive care and speedy recovery to patients.

Mihail’s entrepreneurial prowess shone brightly amid global health concerns in 2020. Recognizing the increased need for medical protection products, Mihail established the brand “Medical Protection”. Bringing quality personal and medical protection products to people worldwide. This initiative underscored his commitment to contribute positively to society, especially during testing times.

Mihail Blagoev was the driving force behind the establishment of the Regenerative Medical Orthopedic Society (RMOS) in 2022. His vision for RMOS was to create an organization that would stand at the forefront of regenerative medicine, particularly in orthopedics. With a deep understanding of the potential of regenerative medical practices, Mihail sought to gather leaders in the field under the banner of RMOS. In order to achieve this, he took meticulous care in appointing top professionals and renowned experts as the society’s president and scientific board. This selection ensured that RMOS would not only promote advancements in regenerative orthopedics. But also serve as a beacon of excellence and a standard-setter in the field. Through Mihail Blagoev ‘s leadership and the collective expertise of the RMOS team, the society is continually striving to break new grounds in regenerative medicine. Also to change the face of orthopedics as we know it.

Mihail expanded his entrepreneurial reach in 2022 with the establishment of Medical Entrepreneurs FZCO in Dubai, UAE. This venture was birthed out of a desire to bridge the gap between groundbreaking medical innovations and thriving businesses. Medical Entrepreneurs is more than just a healthcare consulting firm. It’s a supportive authority that guides and fosters the growth of medical innovations into successful businesses. Under Mihail’s leadership, the company offers its expertise and experience to healthcare innovators. Helping them navigate the complexities of the industry and turn their innovative ideas into reality. With a global perspective and a focus on the potential of medical innovations, Medical Entrepreneurs FZCO stands as a testament to Mihail’s commitment to supporting and fostering the growth of the healthcare sector. Through this venture, Mihail continues to drive the integration of cutting-edge innovation into practical, impactful healthcare solutions.

Mihail’s ventures continued into 2023 when he, along with a distinctive team of experts, founded Liposmart Sarl in Geneva. A bold step towards redefining regenerative medicine, Liposmart Sarl introduced the groundbreaking Unified Fluid Adipose Tissue (UFAT) system. Turning the overlooked into the cherished and revolutionizing the way we heal by giving back our own adipose tissue in its regenerative fullness.

Mihail Blagoev ‘s entrepreneurial journey is far from over. He continues to leverage his unique blend of entrepreneurial acumen and social responsibility, leaving an indelible mark across various sectors. His journey, marked by innovations, successful ventures, and a strong drive for social impact, is an inspiration for entrepreneurs worldwide. His life is a testament to the incredible feats that are possible when vision, perseverance, and precision unite. And one man’s entrepreneurial spirit can make a substantial difference.

In Spring 2023, Mihail Blagoev launched Exosmart, a pioneering venture in regenerative medicine. Exosmart specializes in autologous exosome isolation, utilizing the patient’s own biological materials to promote healing. This approach sets it apart from traditional allogenic methods, prioritizing patient safety and regulatory adherence. Featuring advanced filtration technology, Exosmart efficiently concentrates autologous exosomes, optimizing personalized medical treatments. Exosmart’s distinctive process and dedication to safety and effectiveness highlight a major progression in personalized medicine, focusing on innovation, safety, and patient-centric care.

In Autumn 2023, Mihail Blagoev co-founded the American Urology and Gynecology Society (AUG Society). His role in the AUG Society is crucial, as he brings his innovative vision and strategic foresight to the organization. Mihail’s efforts in the society are focused on building alliances and fostering environments conducive to redefining the healthcare industry. His involvement in the AUG Society demonstrates his ongoing commitment to advancing healthcare through the integration of technology and medical expertise.