Medigraft MG

Tissue cells cluster

MediMax MG, a state-of-the-art device that sets a new standard in the preparation of cell suspension from solid tissue. It’s an essential component of our tissue processing device lineup, engineered with meticulous precision and profound understanding of regenerative medicine’s evolving needs.

MediMax MG is an automated system designed for the mechanical disaggregation of human tissues. Its primary function is to make tissue preparation safe, standardized, and independent of operator technique. By eliminating variability and enhancing the consistency of tissue preparation, MediMax MG plays an instrumental role in enhancing the predictability and success of regenerative therapies.

Revolutionizing Tissue Preparation

At its core, MediMax MG is equipped with a system that ensures efficient and standardized preparation across all tissue types. This automation reduces the potential for human error and increases the viability of the processed tissue, thus amplifying the regenerative potential.

MediMax MG not only excels in function but also shines in its commitment to enhancing patient outcomes. By improving the consistency and quality of tissue processing, it plays a crucial role in driving the efficacy of regenerative treatments.

Tissue cells cluster

Unveil the Next Regenerative Frontier

Embrace the transformative power of MediMax MG, and join us in the ongoing pursuit of groundbreaking regenerative therapies. Together, let’s harness the potential of technological innovation to reshape the future of healthcare. Experience the difference of standardized, efficient, and reliable tissue preparation with MediMax MG, and witness how it brings us one step closer to the next frontier in regenerative medicine.

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