Medigraft Max

Tissue cells cluster

Introducing MediGraft Max, an extraordinary part of the MediGraft™ product suite. This tool is expertly designed to address the unique requirements of regenerative medicine, standing as a testament to our pursuit of pioneering healthcare solutions.

MediGraft Max is a disposable disaggregator featuring 50µm separator screens. These screens provide superior cell separation, key in the process of regenerative medicine. The compact yet efficient design of the MediGraft Max allows it to be a standout performer in the disaggregation process, effectively dividing cell conglomerates while ensuring the integrity and viability of individual cells.

Excellent cutting precision

Crafted with a high-density polyethylene casing, the MediGraft Max exhibits excellent durability and resilience, while its interior boasts a stainless steel fixed screen. Around each of its approximately 250 hexagonal bore-holes, there are six microblades, providing excellent cutting precision. This intricate and innovative design helps in the optimal disaggregation of tissues into micro units, making it an invaluable tool in tissue processing.

The MediGraft Max can be supplied in both sterile and non-sterile formats, depending on the specific demands of each surgical scenario. Furthermore, it requires a 16 ml liquid solution for operation, demonstrating its efficiency in handling a variety of clinical scenarios.

Tissue cells cluster

the future of regenerative medicine

Beyond its functionality, the MediGraft Max signifies our dedication to creating transformative healthcare solutions. By fostering safer, more effective disaggregation and separation processes, the MediGraft Max enhances patient care outcomes, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to improving patient health and wellbeing.

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