BioMold ® Putty Composition

Weight:  ~80% bioactive glass spheres; ~20% phospholipid carrier

Volume:  95-100% of the bulk volume consists of bioglass spheres (carrier fills up the volume in between particles)

BioGlass Concentration:  ~1.5 g of bioactive glass per cc of Putty

Comparison to BioGlass Bone Graft Sheets

Sheets are composed of bioactive glass particles that are suspended in a porous scaffold (typically composed of collagen)

Due to porosity, bone graft sheets have a much lower density (0.25 – 0.40 g/cc) than Biomold Putty (~1.9g/cc)

Bioglass concentration (grams of bioglass per ccof graft) ofis the accurate way of comparing bioglass content.

BioMold® Putty has the highest bioglass content of any bone graft putty or sheet on the market. 

10cc of BioMold putty (1.Sg/cc, 90% bioactive glass) contains 

–    15g of bioglass
10cc of a bone graft sheet (0.4 g/cc, 88% bioglass) contains
–    3.5g of bioglass